Jan Wafful

Registered AFCI Film Liaison – Otero County Film Office

800 First Street, Alamogordo, NM – City Desk: 575-439-4353     jwafful@ci.alamogordo.nm.us    

Employer: City of Alamogordo- Community Services Executive Assistant/Film Liaison

Affiliation: NM Film Office- State Liaison Network, Director: Nick Maniatis  

Registered Film Liaison serving the city of Alamogordo and all of Otero County, NM

AFCI University Certifications:  Marketing; Economic Development; Leadership; and Advanced Studies in Film.

Educational Events Coordinator and Co-Director: White Sands & Desert Light Film Festivals – 2006 to 2015  

Premier/Host: “Book of Eli”- Carrizozo-Alamogordo Premier- Alcon/Warner, “The Land of Space and Time”, Michael Lennick/ Shirley Guilliford, “Made in New Mexico” Documentary-Brent Morris, Duchy Parade Films Showcase-Peter Kershaw , NM Film Office:Liaison Network-2013 Annual Meeting, ”Life in New Mexico” NM Film Foundation Project.  

Presenter: “Reel Festivals” Seminar- Lincoln Film’s NM Film Office Town Hall, “Desert Light” Schools Program Outreach, NM Film and Media Conference-2014 Locations Panelist, NM Film and Education Summit-DLFF/Otero Representative,  DLFF Non-Profit Sponsorship Outreach and Development.

Film-Tourism: City of Alamogordo-34th Annual Telly Awards “Film, Sand and Space”

Travel and Tourism Television Commercial-Bronze Award-August 2013, NM Governor’s Conference on Tourism TANM 2013 Tiara Awards -Honorable Mention Television Commercial, TANM 2012 Research and Marketing Conference’s  2012 Marketing Professional of the Year Award, NMTD Southeast Region Marketing Board Member 8 Yrs. – 2015 Vice-Chairman.

How can you help filmmakers that come to your area? As economic development, I offer all services of mine free to the filmmaking industry, including students, independent filmmakers and studios. This is a one-stop office for help with location scouts, permits, crew contacts in the area and all types of products goods, services and where to find manpower and equipment needed for filmmakers to make their film projects. 

What do you consider to be a unique location in your jurisdiction? My favorite and most visited location is the White Sands National Monument. Some of the films that have shot here are “Transformers I & II,” “Book of Eli,” “Year One” and “12 Strong” with Chris Hemsworth and a great cast and crew was made here earlier this year (just released in January). Orogrande Mines, Mescalero Apache Reservation, Cloudcroft, Tularosa, White Sands Missile Range and most of Ft. Bliss are all within Otero County, it is the 3rd largest county in NM and one that is pretty diverse in locations.

Favorite Shot in New Mexico movie or tv show? One of several of my favorite movies made here, besides the ones already mentioned during my tenure, is “Tank Girl.”

Film Festival: I also co-direct the Desert Light Film Festival here at NMSU-Alamogordo each year with my co-director and friend, Joan Griggs, who was the film liaison before me. It is the only recurring film festival in NM for middle and high school students. We teach seminar classes and have keynote speakers on every aspect possible of filmmaking to encourage film careers in NM. It is our goal to grow the industry from the ground up in southern NM. We have about 400 plus students who attend each year.      

120 Years of Film in New Mexico Trivia: In 1911, There were three films shot in Otero County NM—they were: “Fool’s Gold”, “Brothers” and “The Dude”—all westerns.

Features Include: Afterwards, Year One, Transformers I & II, The Land of Space & Time, Men Who Stare At Goats, Stargate-Universe, A&E Extreme Ghosthunters, The Book of Eli, This Must Be The Place, Jackie, National Geographic “Chasing UFO’s 101”, History Channel’s “ American Monsters”, Discovery Channel’s BBC “Mapping the Universe”, NBC’s ”Only in America”, Muji Japan-TV, Travel TV-Taiwan National TV-China, “Donnavventura” TV-Italy, German AF- TV Germany, Christophe’ Mae’s ”Ma Douleur, Ma Peine” & “Charly” France- Warner/Music Videos, Canada’s “Motorhead Traveler” MAV-TV, Columbia University “Into the Night”(2), Chicago, IL, “Atari: Game Over”-XBox Live, Nordstrom, J Crew, Marshall-T J Maxx, “Carlsbad”,  Reelz Channel’s “Polka Kings”, Leonisa-Columbia, Cliffdweller’s “NM True” TV, KRWG-News TV, and Discovery Channel’s “Official Best of NM 2015 & 2016”. Recent features 2016: the Lost Fingers, Christmas Cavalcade Album, Paris, FR; Panda IMedia, China; Oui Productions, Paris, FR; 2017 Jerry Bruckheimer’s Black Label Media, “12 Strong (Horse Soldiers); and many others.”


The Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI) is the official professional organization for film commissioners who assist film, television and video production throughout the world. It is a non-profit educational association whose members serve as city, county, state, regional, provincial or national film commissioners for their respective governmental jurisdictions.  There are more than 300 AFCI-Member Film Commissions worldwide, covering almost every continent.