Best of Festival Winners

Keynote Speakers


Additional workshops offered:

Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro:  Sara Irving
Makeup SFX:  Connie Breding
Pyrotechnics SFX:  Bill McCamey
TV Broadcasting 101:  Alan Trevor
Getting the Most from your Actors:  Phil Lewis
Storyboarding:  Will Bartlett (2008)
Animation:  Haiying Wang (2008, 2009, 2010)  
Aging your Costumes:  Bren Cook (2009)
Programming a story with Alice:  Mike Eidenbach (2007) 
Making a Documentary:  Michael Lennick (2009)               
Photography & Film:  John Soden
Avoiding Guerilla Filmmaking:  Troy Scoughton
Drama in Life & on Stage:  Rajeev Nirmalakhandan
Camera Stabilization:  Sherwin Lau

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