The Otero County Film Office operates under the New Mexico Film Office as a participating member of the NM Film Statewide Liaison Network. The Otero County Film Office is also one of only five (5) New Mexico accredited and registered AFCI membership offices serving the world’s studio industry through the Association of Film Commissioners International.

All film offices in New Mexico are created under the auspices of the Economic Development Division (EDD) of the state of New Mexico. Otero County Film Office resides under the non-profit umbrella of local economic development provided by Otero County Economic Development Council (OCEDC).

Otero County Film Office serves as a “One-Stop Shop” for all connections to film, video, and multimedia industry resources. OCFO wants to provide companies and citizens with a positive film production experience. Film Office goals are to facilitate productions in Otero County, NM, and to promote its cities and communities as film locations, and increase economic impact county wide.


Mission Statement: Diversify and enrich Otero County’s economic development by attracting and serving motion pictures, television, commercials, music, still photography and all other forms of media production, while promoting and serving the people, locations, products, services, businesses and other assets throughout Otero County, thereby also enhancing tourism, prosperity and quality of life throughout our 6,628 square mile region as the third largest county in New Mexico, USA.

Vision Statement: Otero County is a film ready community with many diverse and iconic locations which attracts a wide variety of film, television, music and commercial projects with its production-friendly registration process and a skilled welcoming business community. The Otero County film industry is recognized throughout the state for its professionalism, creativity and imagination. Higher wage jobs and businesses have been expanded as a direct result of participating in the film and entertainment job sector here.

Otero County Local Film Industry

Otero County, New Mexico has a present-day bustling and energetic commercial filming industry. The bread-and-butter for this industry is made up of many different types of filming endeavors with product promotion, high-fashion photography and automobile commercials at the core of the most successful and constantly repeated filming. This core activity is followed closely by university & student film projects, artist promotions, travel television, reality television shows, tourism and history films, local news, military filming, and the always most popular–music video filming with album cover photography. All these film activities occur regularly, and as with all local production, they can, and do come from every corner of a worldwide industry. The film office can then top off these efforts with some local and consistent feature and television film locations as the icing on the local film industry celebratory cake.

Despite several encouraging attempts at standing sets and a possible studio inquiry, the county seat and the surrounding county area remains without these normal working industry pillars. This has not kept back local progress in serving the filmmaker. The Otero film office has worked diligently and successfully in order to perfect the location filmmaking processes and how to intuitively work together with film locations and local resources to provide services that continue to receive the highest marks from film producers and encourage growth in the local industry. This effort has turned into real filmmaking locally on a consistent basis. Otero County Film Office is passionate about the creative process and welcomes the wide range of filmmakers who come to film in area locations, and that has made all the difference here locally. All projects are welcome here, whether brought by industry veterans, first-time filmmakers or student filmmakers wanting to just learn the processes as a novice. Welcome to “New Mexico Land of Enchantment” where all offered is “New Mexico True” hospitality driven. Iconic landscapes and sunsets here in Otero County are counted as among the most beautiful in the world today.